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06-01-2012, 06:34 PM
I do like the sounds of this and in principle it is very interesting. However, there is a danger that some players and some classes might rally strugle to achieve top end rewards.

Take STFs for example. Some players who really NEED top end gear are probablty not going to get it in favour of those who already have it and are therefore likely to perform better.

I am simply asking that these factors are considered carefully before any changes are made.
A good area to consider for inclusion is debuffing. It doesn't do any damage itself, but allows the team to do a great deal more damage overall - this should be considered in the equation. SOome players set up specifically for this kind of thing.

Smilarly AoE can cause considerable damage but given healing and such like, it is not really so useful.

For PvP though, rewarding participation is a great idea. I have seen far to many dilithium leaches in PvP matches who do nothing.