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06-01-2012, 06:16 PM
Captain's personal log, Sh'Ress ch'Thiran.

It's been four months since the Resolute was thrown forwards in time, and, finally, after months of milk runs in the heart of the Federation, Starfleet Command has cleared myself and the crew for active service.

They haven't done the same for the Resolute.
We were refitted with modern weapons and shields when we first returned to Earth, but the old zhen is still well over a hundred years old. They'd have to completely rebuild the ship for it to stand up to any real modern attacker, and I understand why they'd retire the last - and, it seems, only - remaining Constitution class starship.

They've even given me a new ship and allowed me to keep the crew together. With the exceptions of Lieutenant Thraas and crewmen sh'Fhen and Dala, who have opted to return home to Andoria.
The ship they've given me is one of the newest in the fleet now, and ... they've called it the Resolute.
It's big and my old crew is only going to be part of the crew.
I should be happy - I'm alive, my crew's alive and we're even getting the modern version of the Constitution. But ... I already miss the ship. I look around and, well, I've seen inside the new ships. They look completely different, and I'm going to have to get used to a new bridge. Part of me wants to stay here on the Resolute, but that's not an option. I guess its time to put her away now, I just .. don't like it. She's a good ship and deserves better.