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06-01-2012, 07:26 PM
Ran ISE today and I watched as a tactical escort popped a gen early. Clearly they had exceptional firepower no one else in the team could match. Spheres roll in and heal the trans, option is lost.

Over chat someone said "Guess you don't want the option", I felt like they were throwing the whole team under the bus considering it was one person that ruined it.

Next the same person lays down, "Yall are noobs". So everyone get's really defensive and chat is filled with, "I'm not a noob" type of convo.

Kill the transformer, same deal on the other side. Gen is popped early and we are fighting spheres again. It was the same escort and the noob talk comes in again.

Fast forward to the end of the mission, we kill the cube and it starts to dawn on me, The person calling everyone noobs and getting everyone defensive is the same guy that popped the gens early

Guess I was too slow to put two and two together and he left before I could call him on it. Inexperienced player? Maybe. Master Troll? Probably.