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06-01-2012, 08:19 PM
Originally Posted by Cryptic_Gozer
PvP Weekly Update - 06/01/2012

Hi folks,

Not much of an update for PvP this week, but as I said before, some weeks I won’t have much to talk about. I’m at a point in the process where I’m about ready to release a couple of test maps to Tribble to test out many of the new PvP related engine updates. These will be mostly invisible to you guys, but having you test them gives me data I can look at to make sure that the improvements are working as expected.

There is all sorts of new and useful information that will be collected and stored by the engine for PvP. Some of this data is stuff we were collecting before (team score, player kills, etc.), however now it’s being collected in a more robust and completely different way. It’s this “new” data that is important to the future of PvP. Among other things, it allows us to create leader-boards and know the difference between a “Killing Blow” or sustained damage to an enemy player. It also ties in to how rewards will be changing for PvP.

Right now, rewards for PvP are based on “completion”. Completion is fine for PvE (well “mostly” fine depending on the type of PvE), but doesn’t work very well for PvP. The new PvP system will instead reward based on participation. For instance, if you join a PvP match and don’t do anything, you won’t get much of a reward. The rewards will scale depending on how much you participate in the match. This doesn’t just mean how many kills you get credit for, but will include things like healing to team-mates, capturing objectives, how many times you may die in a match, and a number of other things.

Rewarding based on participation is something I will probably use for other team based end game content like STF’s for example. If you join a STF and don’t participate in any meaningful way you shouldn’t be rewarded. Once I get his working for PvP, I can take a look at using it for things like STF’s as well.

The list here goes on and on, but for any of that to work, I need to make sure I’m getting the correct data first. This is step one.

Have a good weekend,

good news so far.. but gozer.. the more details you provide to us.. the more feedback we can give you now. You know as well as I do that getting right first in the conceptualization, planning, and coding cycle will save you a lot of money and grief (for us as well) down the road and make what you are doing economical.

So please.. the more details you provide, the more time we can save you.

Related to the PvP rewards.. please take into account ship class. A tac should not be penalized for not healing as much. You did not mention that and maybe you thought it was implied, but I thought I would say it nonetheless.