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06-01-2012, 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by reaper_66688
this all sounds great but unfortunatley its too little too late for many ppl. while i was definitely a newcomer to pvp i had the honor of flying with some of the pvp greats EmoeJoe, SteveHale and Stardagger. Unfortunately I no longer play primarily because of the state pvp was in when I stopped playing a little over a month ago. I believe and I'm sure many others do as well before you worry about anything else balance should be your primary concern, especially class balance. Scis r pretty much useless at the moment and speakking from the perspective of someone who played only tacs a team of 5 tacs was supreme. Even Engies could not out tank or heal the damge of 5 tacs deal topnotch dps. By no means am I saying nerf tacs im saying bring the abilities of Scis and Engies up to par where tac abilities are now and pave the the way for more customization of teams. Good Luck Gozer your gonna need it.
1 eng should not be able to withstand 5 tacs.. it should barely be able to survive 2.. remember "Yesterday's enterprise" with 3 bops fighting the enterprise D? Yeah, D didn't survive that-- and it was even more "beefed" up because of the long war with the klingons in that alternate timeline.