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06-02-2012, 01:08 AM
Originally Posted by Rob_mc_1 View Post
Raudl, maybe the question needs to be redefined. Obviously things can get rejected which delays the process or items may need to be modified.

So how about these questions instead.

1) how long does it take to create an item to a point where it can be initially submitted to CBS for approval?

2) Once approved how long does it take to get the item to the players.

3) what are the design steps that must be taken internally before you can even present it to CBS? (Sketches/concept art, Direction/purpose of item, Role it will play in game)

I'm sure these items are discuses in house before hand and that several iterations of an item are created to refine it. Not just the whole lest just slap a saucer and nacelles to the hull for a fed ship as has been implied in previous interviews with certain people.
Nice! Thx for refrasing it.

So now, anybody got an answer to those questions?