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06-02-2012, 03:03 AM
I really love my G-R now that I did the "Phase 2" retrofit of the (imaginary) Bajoran deep space patrol cruiser.

She's configured to be a damage dealer now with Emergency Power to Weapons 3. I realized I don't use EPTS all that much (and don't need to) so I have only one EPTS3 and 1 EPTS1. This makes use of the low end engineering bridge officer slots perfectly leaving the higher rank powers filled with useful stuff like RSP, Aux2Battery, etc.

I also ditched Aux2Structural as wtih RSP, EPTS and Aux2Batt (which boosts -everything!- by a huge amount for 10s) the shields rarely go down at all. Added one Shield Distribution Officer (blue quality) so that Brace for Impact regenerates a significant amount of shields. I seldom touch hull heals at all since a fast ship has high defence and I have extremely high kinetic defence and am immune to one shot kills.

Surprisingly for a ship of this size she's doing very well as a fast battlecruiser; my attack mode with 125 weapons also gives 72-80 power to engines and with Aux2Batt active I seem to be running with 100+ power to engines. This allows the Galaxy class to maintain a very high rate of speed and tactically reposition at will.

Going ahead of the Dominion weapons loadout, I gave her MACO shields, Omega 2pc set for Tetryon Rider and full Disruptor weaponry. I did not go for Antiprotons as AP builds tend to be a bit underwhelming, but then I have a half beam half cannon hybrid 'destroyer escort' that pretty much shreds anything with disruptors.

What does make the difference is the Emergency Power to Weapons III and default extremely high engine power settings of my build making it dominate elite STF maps by pure speed and firepower. In an elite STF I never want to be seen sitting stationary nibbling away at Borg structures, but maneuver, dance in and out of fire arcs, dash in to assault things with cannons and warp plasma, drop the stardrive section and go fly wing with the Escort pilots.

USS Chin'toka is a very lucky ship and won me a full set of Mk X and Mk XI Borg tech in barely a week of play. Now with the final disruptor/maco shield/omega2 gunship configuration she just did an Infected Elite that gave me 3 prototype salvage

Total Loot for today:

9 Prototype Salvage
1 Prototype Shield Tech

Also had the honor of running a cooperative KASE run with another Galaxy R. We exchanged some notes on our (vastly different) builds too. Each ship was highly effective as the vanguard of an EliteSTF channel organized task force.