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06-02-2012, 04:41 AM
I think we can see from this where "inspiration" for the Oddysey's support craft docking method came from check out the notes on the warp core.

I like this. As usual TV execs were looking for instant hit, when Enterprise was more of a grower. It was just coming into it's own as they cancelled it. I like where they were taking the design. Still recognisable as derived from the NX-01 but now starting to feel like the starfleet designs we recognise. I am sure I read that was what the designer was going for.

here's hoping that pwe and cbs can secure the design for the game. I would definitely buy it. I like the NX-01 but too me it isnt trek enough. Heck even if they hadn't made it quite as metallic and coated it in some sort of white ceramic (ala space shuttle) that might have been enough to sway me. Anyway I am digressing. great refit. hope to see it in-game. doubt we will ever see it onscreen now unless jjverse has some sort of flashback in movie - heh would be fun if this was the ship khan stole

Droolworthy shot:

and another couple of great shots of the refit - oh and if you own the nx-01 kit someone has made a refit add on to make it into what would have been. &