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06-02-2012, 04:43 AM
So couldn't I just always be running an engineering team and have immunity? I'm not sure where this is going. Some of the mess we are in is due to Captains flying around in other captains ships. So sure an engineer in an escort has far more ways to resist and negate the current subsystem targeting. And with the new system they still will with miracle worker tossed in there. And then there's the power level Doff joy. And Dual system batteries. Oh where does it end?

Anyways to a non engineer in an escort this new system becomes slightly more onerous than it was before. Cruisers will enjoy their new found ability to clear the effects of subsystem targeting. Science ships will still be sad. I mean if you're just spamming out a rotation of targeting. If you're watching your target or being prepared for a situation where targeting a particular subsystem will be critical, its fine the way it is. There's no real reason to make it harder on escorts than it is already, and at the same time easier on cruisers.

I like the idea of the different de-buffs. Just not so keen on the way we currently clear them, or having engineering team clear them.

Hey our power conduits are blown!! Here pump more power through it!!

Hey our power conduits are blown!! Here miracle it all better!!

If captains had a choice to carry a ships device that was conceptualized as a store of emergency supplies of sensitive ships components that is used to repair subsystems I'd feel better about the entire thing. And make that the only way to "fix' the damage faster. You can't emergency power a broken system, it just leaks out. You can't wish it better without parts. You wait it out or use emergency repair kits.

Of course that makes sub system targeting very strong.

Of course I don't have a Science character so I'm impartial..... >.> o..o

Cheers and happy flying! Keep those science dreams coming!