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06-02-2012, 06:54 AM
It's hard to educate or just talk to those of the general who /tell you with insults, nonsense and cheat accusations. Time and again you try to explain things and they still b****, so ignoring them is pretty much the best thing to do. Rules say if you get trolled, don't troll back. One of the main reasons why I turn /tell off prior to pvp rounds.

But I will suggest them to head to a dedicated pvp fleet to learn.

That isn't the biggest issue. It becomes worse when these accusers start to "coach" other new pvpers in their ways including their bitterness, resentment and just as bad as dilithium farmers, warping out before a match even starts because they believe their ship cannot be killed unless the opponent is cheating.
Agreed. There are a lot of them, but you know, this is a MMORPG. It's part of the game.