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06-02-2012, 07:26 AM
Originally Posted by naz1911 View Post
What can we do to combat those in the PVP community who accuse people of exploiting, cheating, etc etc without any proof? When you confront them, they type "lol" and put you on ignore.

That isn't the biggest issue. It becomes worse when these accusers start to "coach" other new pvpers in their ways including their bitterness, resentment and just as bad as dilithium farmers, warping out before a match even starts because they believe their ship cannot be killed unless the opponent is cheating.

All this is doing is breaking up the PVP community.
While not much you can do don't think it matter much seeing how the pvp vets know the truth and thatís all that counts. I have people on my cheat list and have the proof, but I aint calling them out cause the bug is fixed. Plus IDK anyhow what may have happened in the past its not relevant in the game now and NAZ i don't think I have ever heard anything about you abusing any bugs in game. So why worrier all of us know what you do is accomplished by skill you have learned through experience.