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06-02-2012, 10:11 AM
This topic clearly demonstrates why I advocate low tier PvP and the ability for high tier players to drop down in their low level ships to help train the new guys.

If you spend 50 levels not knowing what you are doing, and not knowing you don't know, when you finally meet a player who is just so much better that you have the proverbial snowball's chance of survival, anger is your natural reaction.

If instead at level 10 someone comes in to say, "Hey, look at your skill tree. These are important, but be sure to save points for later skills too."
Then at level 20 someone says, "See how these two BOff abilities work together? Combos make a difference."
Then at level 30 another guy says, "Hey! Nobody taught you to distribute shields? Okay, keybinds and shield heal abilities will save your ...ship..."
And at level 40 a player says, "Teamwork and communication make even a marginal player more effective. Here's how you can do it."

By the time the player gets to level 50 he will know there's no magic wand. He will have the basics of the game down, will have played many games against his peers instead of against the top players in the game, and he will be ready to listen to the advice of his teammates and able to learn from the lessons demonstrated by his enemies in the matches. His first reaction won't be, "You haxxorz!" but, "How can I do that?"

Humans learn one piece at a time and add layers of new knowledge on top of that already acquired. The current game structure requires he learn a great many details and their various interactions all at once. Given the current formula, it's no wonder so many get angry, make baseless accusations to excuse their lack of ability to compete, and log out of PvP forever. It's almost designed to accomplish exactly that.