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06-02-2012, 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
well... I've seen some carrier builds out there whos damage couldn't compete with my shields inate regeneration...
Exactly, and the same goes for some people no matter what ship they fly. Anyone can shoot at a target but that doesn't necessarily mean they can do it well. Just because you unloaded with all that you had that doesn't mean you had enough. Just because someone can't be killed as easily as you doesn't mean they are cheating.

Asking someone how they exploit isn't the same as asking somehow how they did something. Accusing people who may very well be better than you isn't generally the best way to get off or the right foot.

Ask me a question and I'll answer to the best of my albeit limited ability. If you cuss me and have me on ignore before I can even respond that's your loss. Go on being angry at the world and at the game for all it's injustice. I hate to say it but some people won't be helped.