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06-02-2012, 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by Alendiak
There was one guy who accused me of cheating by using cannon rapid fire while on cooldown... Despite the fact my DHC/turret equipped T3 K'tinga didn't even have cannon rapid fire (2x tact team). No matter how hard and patiently I tried to explain it, pointing out it didn't appear in my buff bar, he just kept on accusing me.

Now with some, explanations do help ease the "misunderstanding". Some though just can't accept the truth, that they don't know half as much as they think they do.

These types have enough knowledge that they can beat new PvPers easily, but not enough to deal with PvP addicts, generally relying on gimmicks such as FAWescorts or P2W consoles. They also tend to have anger management issues, be the rudest and those most likely to smack talk and insult other players.
At least you're being accused with a given reason, i get accusations without any elaboration lol :p