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06-02-2012, 02:53 PM
Originally Posted by MadDog0000
ive seen 4 carriers and one BoP attacking a fed fleet escort we gave up after 10min cus his health never dropped and sheilds never dropped and the whole time he sat there calling people noobs etc. until expolits that people are using are fixed pvp will suck.

im sure this will get a few people saying hes just good player, bull no one can take all that and not lose a sheild or hp.

i asked him how to use exploits but he never replyed
"take all that" means nothing.

no one and i do mean NO ONE in the game can survive my alpha strike without a proper defensive buff solution. i see guys like you describe all the time, respawning after beign one shot killed.

not to say he wasnt cheatign anyway, but you can only cheat SO HARD. and no can cheat away 250k raw damage in 1 second.