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06-02-2012, 03:48 PM
You missed the biggest one: learning curve. The single most discouraging thing for a new player in the current setup is to face guys who have played for a year or more with no way to acquire the knowledge he needs just to begin the learning process. A new player has to face hundreds of respawns, not just a few, before he learns the right questions to ask.

The game as it's set up now demands you go from virtually no knowledge to pro with no intermediate steps or peer matching. Players who have played for two years tend to forget that when they were noobs, so was everyone else, and you learned together. New guys don't have that advantage.

Imagine if in every match you were solo facing a Panda or Spanish Inquisition premade: this is the hurdle noobs face when entering PvP PuG matches, even with no premade on the other side. The noob literally has no chance. It's a miracle any of us stick around long enough to begin to learn the game at all, and absolutely no surprise more don't PvP.

The other six choices pale by comparison to this one.