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06-02-2012, 07:45 PM
I cannot choose one, but i will select the options from highest to lowest priority:

1 No real purpose, nothing to win, etc.

3 Powers out of balance/wack whatever

4 Pet/NPC spam but honestly i dont really carea bout the spam but rather their unbalance. The balance issue here is often that the spam can be put out way faster then u can kill them. Siphons and TB pets etc.

6 Happens once in a while, personally didnt really bother me that much.

3, i wont categorize this in my priority list, but yes this is very important. Im not aware of any exploits/cheats atm other then some really unbalanced consoles/effects etc. Not sure if voldy is still around (The station one, u know what i mean) but if it does it should be erased. This option 3 would go on the top of the list if a new cheat like that would suddenly appear with a patch though, beware.


I am fully behind my statements about the spam and unbalance in some parts of the game, and Im definately not the one that uses any P2W console that are considered too effective for that particular (1) ship slot. I dont use any of them myself, except the impulse capacitor very so often, last time must've been a month ago. I will request of anyone to de-equip their consoles when i do 1v1 mostly, if they do not want to comply I either call it off, or Ill give it a shot knowing that some console abilities are just a 1 clicker and the game mechanics do the rest for you. Im not really a complainer about it though, so if people want to use them its fine with me. if they decide their success in pvp, thats fine with me.

Cool kthx chnk.