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06-02-2012, 09:29 PM
Originally Posted by EmoeJoe
heres some elaboration. your an admitted double shield user, and the only player to date who shows double log entries on private match join.

whether there is merit to those points (whether it REMAINS possible to use double shields/voldemort) isnt the point. your name is sullied from your own actions and as a indirect result hurts anyone with a sad pandas name attached.

simply put, the veteran players in sto know very well the difference between upstanding types who never hacked or even attemtped to, and those select few who (maybe not all the time) but definitely 100% without a doubt have explored/exploited all avenues of gameplay.

(see ceiling cat disapproves thread (ancient times) for expose' on zorena's(tsi) moment of haxcellence)

So when something is known to be buggy or broken, there simply is no excuse to use it, let alone make a team strategy to abuse said bug. there have been sad timesi n this games history, where the best players have resorted to said actions to "amuse themselves" or "highlight the broken powers to cryptic"

neither past time is good for the game.

in fact as we have seen, these actions dont improve the game by telling cryptic whats broken, they simply push players out, who refuse to deal with truly broken/bugged powers being used on them "for a laugh"

the most important thing to rememebr is whats actually happening at this exact moment. to say sad pandas, or mt tie, (or tsi) has ever done anything in a legit game with agreed upon rules, in a desire to purely "hax" to win, is a complete unsubstantiated untruth.

but those who remember history will not quickly forget. and when the next game breaking bug surfaces, we will be looking to thew same sorts, to abuse and exploit it.

sad to say but thats the REAL history of hax. sorry naz, just the way it is

in every lie there is an ounce of truth. there would be no smoke if there was never a fire.....

Um, i was talkinga bout recent accusations which hold no basis. I've already admited dozens of times I used the double shield once

If people wanna keep dragging up this one time incident thats fine with me bro. Ive already accepted it that there will always be people like that. I'm a forgiving person myself, others are not. So be it. I wouldnt sleep a night less from it, and i will happily queue up day in, day out and im having fun doing so.

We should focus on whats going on now, on the task at hand.

Originally Posted by EmoeJoe
"take all that" means nothing.
no one and i do mean NO ONE in the game can survive my alpha strike without a proper defensive buff solution.
A bit off topic, but unless ur facing a retarded escort I'm pretty sure this goes for alot of good escort players in game. Against u one preferably needs a good timed APO etc, against others you need more heals, etc. Against me you also need alot of good heals. Against dagger for instance u need a well specced Stealth detection, a good APB and FOMM specced or it might take longer then uthink to get him
Fact of the matter is, every build needs a specific set of things in order to survive it.

Cya buddy.

Have fun chnking the logs