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06-02-2012, 11:18 PM
I do agree that most " Cheating" claims come from lack of knowledge in how some one did something to kill some one else. Or how some one survived an Alpha Strike that they shouldn't have.

If there are still Bugs, glitches, or exploits in the game they are still very quiet subjects, even in Organized PVP. At least concerning Space. And Ground, for me, feels so under used that it could be LOADED wth bugs, exploits, and glitches.

Of course when ever there is something new added to the game, it's impossible for them to perdict exactly what effect that will have under EVERY situation plasuable. Favorite J-man Quote during STOked when the Jem'hadar shields came out. "Hunh.. I never really considered Doff interactions with the brace for impact effect.." Mistakes happen. The only thing we can PRAY for is that those mistakes get fixed fast. Because we know those things can hurt PVP Game play. And some times PVE as well depending on the impact of such an effect.

And while we can't control every new bug, old or new, that will hinder our PVP Experience, we should at least make sure that the proper information and reporting techniques are used to help get that information to the right locations when ever possible. Even if it comes down to blaitent Youtube proof of such things. With my favorite being the old and squashed Tac Buffs boosting darn near everything peroid.. where the youtube video shows one player activate Full tac buffs + Feed back pulse 3, and kill 3 people fireing on him.. and SURVIVING.. (And this was a down right slaughtering, not the usual Feedback pulse behavior)

So with all that being said, even though we typically have to Police our selves, where do we draw the line between who is truelly Exploiting, and who is just that darn good in PVP? How do we tell? We know we don't really have the tools that we wish we had.. such as better information from Examining our Opponents, better Combat Log Data, and clearer understanding out side of the game and the some times misleading tool tips, to be able to truelly 100% prove what is an Exploit, and what isn't.

So with that all being said, there are only two more things I can say about this...

1: It's a computer game and your facing players. So there will always eventually be some one better.
2: If your going to PVP, never relax just because you think you know everything, because some one will always show you something new eventually.