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06-02-2012, 11:27 PM
Rapid Fire is better in PVP for the damage it provides.

Scatter Volley is good in PVP to help in killing Mine spam, and it assists in dealing with targets that are fans of the "Spiral up" stratigy to avoid cannons as it seems to give your DHC's a slight boost in up and down arcs. (As far as I have witnessed)


Also eitiher of these two builds are useable in PVP at this time.

Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
Tac Team 1 - Delta 1 - Rapid Fire 2 - Rapid Fire 3
Tac Team 1 - Beta 1 - Omega 1
Emergency Power to Weapons 1
Emergency Power to Shields 1 - Aux to Damp 1
Hazards 1 - Transfer Shield Strength 2

4 Disruptor Dual Heavy
3 Turrets

4 Piece Borg Set

2 Power Settings...
Weapon (Switch it on when you have Emergency to Shields up)
100 - 25 -50 - 25
Shields (Switch to when you have Emergency to Weapons up)
75 - 50 - 50 -25

Run with 2 Shield boosters... and one Regen Booster. (yes regen boost)

Pew Pew

Originally Posted by Darkfader1988
TT1-APD1-APO1 (or beta, whatever u prefer)


ST1-TSS2 (or HE1-TSS2, which do you favor?)
Also you could try
TB1-TSS2 (where u want to hit your target with better hit chance + the nasty beam)

With some alterations the Gurumba is pretty equivalent to the fleet escort alike ship.
I would take 2 Omega's because i think thats a necessity for all escort-like ships. And it might help your turnrate if your in siege mode.