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06-03-2012, 05:59 AM
Originally Posted by Zorena
Frankly it comes down to what type of ship you play imo, escort that melt you in 3seconds and, cruisers that never die is more "cheaters" then a really wellplayed well I usually see you in a carrier and everyone know that the carrier can be really tanky.. Im just saying

To explain all the nuances of how a good pvp match work to a new player is impossible we in TSI have played for 2 years some of ous and we get cheat accusations left and right even from really established players who sometimes even beat us. Once or twice or a few times cheat accusations can feel abit cool you go like "I got called cheater, I must be doing something right" but then it comes to a few guys or fleets and you get called cheater it feels lame, either they don't know any better or trolling.

Don't mistake me I sometime call out someone a hacker when loosing a game in OPVP but that is more of a joke.

Anyway Im too tired of defending TSI or us as a group, you either play us or not.

I guess we could do some live commentary from like a game-play video where I explain decisions and that type of stuff but sometimes I just activate butts because its off cool-down and sometimes its because I need to have that power at that second. Even Starcraft2 who is a major spectator e-sport and almost everything/builds are explained and such people get accused of cheating when playing on the and there you can watch the replay afterwards and see exactly what he was doing and why you lost like a million times.. I guess its a sort of defense mechanism people employ when they feel they get owned in anything really but mostly games they don't see their own flaws in the game-play and just lash out with bad manner on their opponents.
It's an emotional defense mechanism to salvage wounded pride. You hit the nail on the head... This has been around for as long as we have existed and chances are most people will continue to do this at one point in their lives...