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06-03-2012, 07:43 AM
I'm just tossing this in.

One of many cancers for STO pvp in general was the "(too) hard and (too) fast" factor, thankfully inspired by WoW - along with the magic healing crap. That was never the case in Star Trek - only for Borg and a few other uber-species.

STO could be a lot more interesting if it were slower, more strategic. Eve Online is nice example but with this being Star Trek, there should be more about shooting subsystems and such. You know, uboot style - not all has to be slow slow slow but just more about Star Trek, not Star Wars where things just blow up as soon as something looks at it.

Back on topic.

In terms of pvp, there just has to be a decent split between PUG vs PUG and Premade vs Premade; because in most of the confrontations, Premades always win vs PUG due to the obvious reasons that lead to the hate.
Guild Wars 1 did a nice job there, imo.