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06-03-2012, 07:49 AM
Originally Posted by EmoeJoe
in fact as we have seen, these actions dont improve the game by telling cryptic whats broken, they simply push players out, who refuse to deal with truly broken/bugged powers being used on them "for a laugh".
sad but true. I once spearheaded the O13 pvp effort, and though none of us were dedicated pvper, and most of us even pvper material, we decided to avoid anything clearly broken, as well as all abilities any dev declared to be bugged or unbalanced. Sadly, O13 pvp is no more... It's not easy to recruit players to the loosing side... :/

Originally Posted by Darkfader1988
A bit off topic, but unless ur facing a retarded escort I'm pretty sure this goes for alot of good escort players in game.
No... not at all! I've never seen anyone doing what mini does, on the level he does it. What you need to survive his attack is luck. There are lots of factors that can spoil his attack, but unless something breaks his strike (pets etc), and if his deboffs and VM hits you right, you're pretty much chanceless.