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06-03-2012, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by theirresponsible

My issues with the ship is the 4 bridge officer slots instead of 5 associated with VA ships, the price point for the this and its compairable power. It is compaired to the Vo'Que(4 bridge officer slots) a free tier 5 ship but the Atrox(4 bridge officer slots) is a Tier 5.5 ship. It also costs 400 C-store points more than the K.D.F. tier 5.5 Battle Carrier that has 5 bridge officer slots.

I did purchase the ship when it came out had I realised it was a tier 5.5 ship what had 4 bridge officer slots instead of the 5 normal associated with tier 5.5 ships I probably would have reconsiddered.
So you like the lose the Lt Cmdr Engineer Boff and gain an Ensign and Lt Engineer Boff? Sorry I rather have one less boff seated and get the more powerfull LtCmdr Engineer power. It the same number of boff powers.