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06-03-2012, 08:23 AM
Come on, guys. If we're going to be talking real-life scientific fact, it wouldn't be possible to eject plasma and leave a cohesive trail of it in space at all. Real plasma, if ejected from its magnetic containment, would immediately disperse into ionize gas and at best, you'd just end up making a bright flash on your opponent's sensors, nothing more. And certainly nothing that would damage anything except possibly your own engine ports.

The fact is, this is Star Trek. In Star Trek, they make some leaps around real science for the sake of story (and sometimes, visual coolness factor). The idea of a starship explosion traveling along an ejected plasma trail is pretty neat, and it does introduce a neat sort of tactical element (a ship could eject warp plasma to make itself a less attractive target, since blowing it up will cause collateral damage to allies along its plasma trail).