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06-03-2012, 02:36 PM
I just have the one as far as requests go. I suppose it'd be mid to long term.

The ability to upgrade a lower tier ship to a higher tier. If, for instance, you really like your Saber Class Escort, you could have the option of upgrading it as you level up instead of acquiring a new ship with each tier. You could have the options of adding console slots, boff slots and weapon slots as well as adding hull strength, etc. to keep your ship competitive with other ships of the next tier.

This would add variety to the game and you could have fleets that look more like what you see in the TV shows with ships of all kinds gathering together to put down the Borg or other nasties.

Plus it would just be plain old fun. On the shows, you see captains commanding a single ship for a long time, Kirk had the Enterprise for years, as did Picard, Sisko with the Defiant and Janeway with Voyager too. You didn't hear Picard saying, "I'm more experienced now than I was, I need a new ship." ;-) In the shows, also, you would see that from time to time, there would be an upgrade to this system or that, that made the ship more capable of fulfilling its missions.

I say this should be seriously looked into.