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06-03-2012, 08:57 PM
Didn't ask for a true copy of a Fer'Jai, but equal to it.
As it is now, and you can take the wiki-board for it, there are only science ships greater than a fighter. But there are no Frigates. And why would I use a science pet when I got the skills greater than all the pets combind together. I have no trouble keeping any target/s I take on, in one place and take off the shields. What I have trouble with is the lack of Hull damage I can do when that/those target/s will start fireing at me. Most of my power goes to Aux. and Shields, leaving not much for weapons.
I wouldn't ask at the current time for a copy of a BoP since they are true DPS and they are doing an insane damage. (One of the reasons I love my Vo'quv and one of the reasons you can't place them on the Kar'Fi. Just imagine B'Rotlh BoP's on a Kar'Fi. Huh..)
Simply asking for a Fed Frigate having skills like ''Torpedo: High Yield'', ''Cannon: Rapid Fire'', ''Aceton Beam'' or ''Beam Array: Overload''.
None of these skills are currently seen on the Fed side what I think is rather confusing.
And yet again. The Advanced Perigine Fighter are the most DPS you come. But, as they tend to stack up behind a target and ''slide'' out of main armament arc, you need to micro-manage them alot. Micro-management aren't really any fun here, as you need a target to pull them off or recall them constantly. Taking you off from your target constantly. And with the minor hull they got they constantly burn from even minor damage. I freakin hate those fighters and think it could be better.
I don't believe I'm either asking for to much or asking for überness. Simply asking for a little more fair balance for what cost alot. And please stop the ''Oh the spam of Tractor Beams aren't enough for you'' type of comments. Don't need the skill and it's getting old already.