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06-04-2012, 12:47 AM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
1). The entire point of Self Destruct is meaningless in a game where you respawn, if ships where captureable than Scuttling it to prevent the enemy getting it would have a purpose.

Perhaps it detonates bigger, I don't know. Weird I actually agree with you on something. Perhaps it's just there for the Role players to blow their ship up before they get a new one.

2). Originally Ramming Speed could be used at any time, this led to some fantastic abuses such as coordinated team ramming in PVP when somebody used RSP or FBP. Ramming a ship completely ignores shields and chances are you'll die too thus meaning your Warp core breach will be at point blank too. It makes a far better last resort than Self Destruct. Now that Ramming speed is only available when your hull is 50% or lower it's a good speed boost that can sometimes save you.

There are also DOFFs that make you more resilient when using Ramming speed. Oh and for the record Escorts, some Sci Vessel builds, and Cannon Cruisers are usually head on to their opponents.
Not if you a Dread like me, they don't dare stay in my front so my Ramming Speed don't get to hit anybody. I tried those duty officers before, and it don't help much.