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06-04-2012, 12:58 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
Something to keep in mind:

Before Cryptic allowed all consoles on all ships, the c-store consoles were limited to certain ship types, e.g. theta vent only on raptors and gurumbas. At that time, premade matches were played only with the then common SS/AMS ban, but all other consoles were allowed because the ship restrictions helped to prevent excessive stacking (and of course the Fed/Klingon divide removed some of the more problematic consoles from the mainly fed-based matches).
Yes, I think that was a sensible restriction from the balance side of things. I believe Cryptic probably did remove it because it did not really matter for PvE (what does), and instead meant that players would simply not buy ships because they knew they would be unable to use those consoles.

If you wanted to fly the Defiant Retrofit, there was no reason whatsoever to buy any of the C-Store cruisers or science vessels. And while most of us here probably fly mutliple ships over different characters, I think PWE's/F2P influence leads to the expectation that people play only one "main" and will invest in only that. The character unlocks from lockboxes and the STF grinds makes having multiple characters more difficult.

So I do not think we'll get this Genie back in the bottle. And I am also not convinced that it would be sufficient to restrict by ship class. Eventually, more ships with new console powers will be introduced, and undesirable synergies will crop up even with the restriction.