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06-04-2012, 01:47 AM
Below is my RSV setup. You can swap the Tri-Cobalt device for another Disruptor turret if you prefer (I like having it on hand for firing off at the start o an attack run on a structure, and popping Spheres that get behind me). Quantums will prove better than Photons as long as you have the Torp DOff's necessary to get them down to the global fire-rate limit (their somewhat higher base damage and massive crit potential will add up quickly versus structures), and this gets even sweeter when stacking up those Quantum torp-buffing Tac consoles. You will be more fragile, though.

Quantum Torp Mk XI / Quantum Torp Mk XI / Quantum Torp Mk XI
Tri-cobalt Mk XI / Disruptor Mk XI Anti-Borg / Disruptor Mk XI Anti-Borg

Borg Deflector
MACO Engines Mk. X
MACO Shields Mk. X

RCS / Borg Console
Flow Cap / Flow Cap / Part Gen / Part Gen
Quantum Torp Console / Quantum Torp Console / Quantum Torp Console

LT Tac: Tac Team / Attack Pattern: Beta 1
Ensign Tac: Torpedo High Yield 1

LT Eng: Emergency Power to Shields 1 / 2

LTC Sci: Tractor 1 / Hazard Emitters 2 / Tachyon 3

CMDR Sci: Tractor 1 / Transfer Shield Strength 2 / Tachyon 3 / Charged Particle Burst 3

EDIT: Missed the Deflector, Engines, and Shields.