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06-04-2012, 04:28 AM
It has never saved me because I attract escort attacks and they generally outrun me. I have to use my Deuterium reserves to escape and overcome there speed. With that combined with evasive manuver, I would be half way acrosse the map. I use anti-matter spread to get out of tractor beams.
i think it is meant to save you mostly in stf's.
and i think deuterium +evasive maneuvers is a waste since they don't stack up. or they even share a CD. But to be honest i'm not sure about the CD sharing.

Not if you a Dread like me, they don't dare stay in my front so my Ramming Speed don't get to hit anybody
i have yet to see a dreadnaught in PVP with dual cannons that didn' t lose 15-0. Doing too little dmg to bring down an average cruiser, and being too slow to bring an escort or sci vessel into the fireing arc.
But maybe if somebody is dumb enough to confront you head on with no tactical team rdy...well they deserved it anyway.
But i guess it's cool in PVE. My kar'fi has dual cannons, and when i tried it in PVP i wasn't able to bring the cannons in place for more than one burst or two. Even with APO3.

Nadion inversion works just fine on my oddy and kar'fi.