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06-04-2012, 05:09 AM
Originally Posted by EaglePryde View Post
short term

-full auto fire in space
-stats to be less confusing
-less bugs

mid term

-being able to go 90 degrees up and down in space with ventral and dorsal shields

long term

-filling space with random missions (not only a sector)
-more dialog options
-better usage for the tricorder
-big planets where we find civs on our own
-entire modeled systems to explore them...going from planet to planet..scanning around..beaming up and down on free will...looking what could be there..finding artifacts, blueprints,civs
-open pvp in every system (except for missions that should stay instanced)
-massive scale territory control
-neutral zone spanning across the quadrants and not being 1 sector
-all 4 Quadrants present
-sector blocks to be far bigger (fill them up with systems...100 per sector to make space look unlimited
-different types of warp/transwarp/slipstream drives to go over larger distances in shorter time (fits to previous point)
-raid-i-sodes for every rank
-let us travell while on the bridge..navigating through stellar cartography or the helm (but space must be big)
I totaly go for this as well, but to add that more decks be added, where you can do regular day to day dutys while on route, also all holodecks should link to the user created missions. As these are like holo novels,