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06-04-2012, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
Setting up global cool downs (a concept that already existed in STO for several seasons) might help. Interactions between bridge officer powers and consoles that operate on the same system could be considered.
This already exists for some consoles. I know at least the speed burst console shares CD with evasive. Problems with the energy drain consoles are that they are so different to other boff abilities... We have a stationary pet, carrier pets, passive drain through weapons...

Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
There are so many abilities to keep track of and stack at all times. Now with consoles and sets we've added even more possible abilities that act totally independent of the mechanics which were already precariously balanced.
on a positive note, this is what makes STO space pvp so unique ang good! The complexity! We're approaching the point where the combinations and possibilities are endless! This is what makes STO pvp fun year after year for me, I never run out of new builds and combinations to tweak and play with stead of thinking nerf, we should think counter or resistance?

- The Red Matter Capacitator is the ultimate counter to power drain... how about putting it in the c-store, and cutting the cooldown a lot? If that makes it OP, power bonuses may be reduced a lot on it, as long as it restores disabled systems.
- How about making it so only one subsystem can be go offline at a time? When one is down, the other systems can not go below 25.
- How about giving drain resistance/immunity for a while after one system has gone down and been restored? Just so ET has a chance to get off CD too. (This should also be done to SS and AMS)

Then, we just have to buff the crappy universal consoles, and we end up with a much richer and more diverse STO.