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06-04-2012, 07:26 AM
There may be a global cool down on the Impulse Burst and Evasives but that's hardly the only P2W console. In fact, that further demonstrates the problem. The system for global interactions has already been established and yet they continued to pump out new crap that ignores that existing system. Supposedly PvP is meant to be more accessible but they continually release more and more inconsistency.

STO PvP is twitchy but unlimited amount of abilities aren't what makes it unique and fun. It's arguable that stacking issues (resistance, damage buffs, etc), a result of having so many abilities available at any given time, are what lead to so much frustration. I don't have statistics but I know there are a lot of people who prefer the more strategic pace of Commander and Captain level PvP. Carefully timing your button presses is a bit more important than just clicking things whenever they are available to be clicked.

We already have a number of issues with power levels. It's too easy to keep multiple power levels high. The Devs have already acknowledged this by nerfing the Engineering Energy Consoles to a worthless 3.5 (while simultaneously releasing more mechanics and money items to keep multiple power levels even higher). Presumably Power Drain is so strong to counter the high power levels. Unfortunately resistances are a mess. They are inconsistent at best.

This is the problem with treating symptoms rather than addressing an issue. Doing anything "rather than nerfing" might sound good on the surface but things spiral out of control. No sense of direction, poor planning, and a failure to deal with actual problems only creates more problems.

Power levels are too high so make power drain stronger. Power drain is too strong so make power levels higher. We are chasing our own tail.