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06-04-2012, 09:01 AM
short term

Add more ships, Like the Wells Class, Jem'Hadar Heavy Escort...
Make retired lockbox ships C-Store buy able with loacbox perks removed
for example the current ferengi ship, you could have it in the C-Store with no lockbox perks, BUT if bought the perks unlock in the C-Store with a PWE price tag lol... kinda making getting the ship from the lockbox favorable.
Keep the Ferengi scavenger hunt for lobi gems, maybe a once a day available quest, if the quest is taken any episode quest entered will hide a lobi and when found the daily is reset for the next 24hours... Give people hope to get that 300 lobi item in the next year if they work for it...
► make lobi gems trade able, if they are a rare 1 a day find or lockbox reward the player base will price them at a rate that will still make people work for them, lets say they sell in the exchange for 1Mil EC = 300Mil EC for a 300 lobi item... will take some time.
► Make ships level with players, like if I want to use the Commander level Escort at Vice Admiral it progressively adds more console slots, bridge officer skills slots, weapon slots... I'd love to be able to use the Defiant at end game on my Tactical characters with the same or comparative options as the level 40 fleet escort ship.

► REDO the useable bridge officer skills, lets face it the Lieutenant skills are LAME, kinda... if my ship only lets me have 1 skill from my bridge officer it would be nice to select which skill to use provided the bridge was of the sufficient rank himself. so instead of being stuck with a double or a useless Lieutenant skill, I can chose 1 skill the bridge officer has to fill that 1 skill slot afforded to the officer... can you imagine a caption telling a commander (OK you have to get dumb on this ship, you can only use knowledge you learned as a Lieutenant.... common get dumb.... not dumb enough!!!!!)

SO... the ship i have lets me have 2 tactical officers, one can use all 4 skills and one can only use 1 skill...
if both are commanders they have unlocked the knowledge to use all 4 skills, the first one gets to use all it's skills and the 2nd only gets to use one from any rank...
SO this gives us better playing skills, my ship only allows 1 science officer and 2 skill slots, would be nice to say 2 skill choices!!!! lets face it if a tactical officer wants to be silly they will most likely select something like Tyken's Rift 3 and Viral Matrix 3... when they could have chose Hazard Emitters 3 and Charged Particle Burst 3...
This still has a level of error on players part for not choosing to use skills that help there playing style, BUT it gives that choice! instead of making there commander dumb!
This would also help with later ranks if players get to be fleet admirals they can make there bridge officers captain, the skill bar only allows them to use at most 4 skills but adds more skill choices from there resume!

mid term

► Add a system in the neutral zone so players can setup a vender ship (like a cargo ship) to buy and sell items, or use Drozana Station #1 as a Vender Zone... and add the ability to vend there a reward for getting rank 1 in trading assignments
Add more ships, Like the Wells Class
► make little improvements to the Foundry until a newer version is available.

long term

► Keep the game alive and fun!!!
Add more ships, Like the Wells Class

see the wells class as a test phase based, pre temporal drive/transporter... escort would be AWESOME!!!
Linking to DeviantArt and not the renders themselves...

other then that I just wanted to come and suggest that the Wells Class was added