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06-04-2012, 09:25 AM
I'm not a big fan of OP's solution per se, I think it's possibly too dramatic of a change, but it would be nice if BTSS saw a little bit of sprucing up. I wouldn't say it's ineffective in its current form, I use BTSS as it comes as part of my science vessel in combination with other science power drains (Tyken's Rift being my personal favorite), but BTSS by itself suffers from general uselessness (it's really only effective when you pair it up with other exotic abilities). Power drains are too easy to counter unless you really stack their effects.

That said, if BTSS gets some sort of a boost to make it useful on its own, that boost needs to not be so powerful that it makes stacking with existing gameplay synergies overwhelming. Someone else on the thread floated the idea of BTSS inflicting Cooldown timer bumps to systems related targeted subsystems (I've gone temporarily derpy and can't find the specific post now, apologies for not being able to cite that author) and I like that idea. Target weapons, and you inflict timer bumps on either Cannons, Beam Weapons or Torpedoes; target auxiliary and you might inflict a timer bump to transporters (the Crew system timer), Emitters or Sensors; target Shields and it may bump the Deflector Field, Deflector Dish or Shields cooldown timers. It sort of becomes like a targeted effect of Subnucleonic Beam.

Subsystem disabling in the gameplay (i.e. taking a subsystem completely offline via a Disable effect) takes a lot of effort and good timing to utilize to capitalize on in STO, but from what I understand that's an intentional move in the Devs part, and it is a pretty powerful effect. (Having your shield system complete disabled tends to be utterly disastrous, for instance.) So I understand why they keep the "toggle off" system effects very short and limited. I would like to see BTSS have a bit more bite to it in its own right, and Cooldown Timer effects seem to be the best way to give it that without making them synergize with other powers in an overwhelming fashion.

As for the phaser proc? Well, all of the energy weapons procs except for antiprotons and possibly polarons seem ineffectual and negligible. (I say polarons might be decent as-is because my VA science ship theoretically has a 15-30% chance [2.5% x 3 shots per array x 2 arrays or 4 arrays broadside] to inflict drain just with the weapons fire volley, and with my skill and equipment the drain is -41 power to all subsystems before Power Insulator resistance.) Phasers have never been all that effective because the system disable lasts three seconds or less when it proc's. I think it would be nicer if the phasers proc'ed a Cooldown timer bump to a random system instead. Not sure where that leaves disruptors and tetryons in the grand scheme of proc effectivity...