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06-04-2012, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by Dassem_Ultor
All drain abilities are weak and pathetic on their own. It's the combination of multiple drains that is too effective. Especially when you include carrier pets and universal consoles.
Of course, I know this already. My motive with regard to the suggested changes was to remove the Beam Target Subsystem abilities from the “power drain” abilities pool, and place them into the counter and science de-buff abilities pool. Take for example my proposed change to how Beam Target Shields works below:

Target Shields:
- X% Starship Shield Emitters for 15 seconds. (Reduces Shield Healing effectiveness)
- X% Starship Shield regeneration for 30 seconds (Reduces five ticks of shield regeneration)
- X% Starship Shield Performance for 15 seconds. (Reduces extra power given to sub-system from skill bonus, if Skill bonus goes into the negative from this de-buff, power is subtracted from the sub-system accordingly)

Now instead using this ability to complement Science Power drain-builds, I have opened up the viability of this Bridge Officer Ability to other classes beyond just the Science Vessel because the science de-buffs on Starship Shield Emitters, and Starship Shield Performance will affect the heal abilities. Also, indirectly the hit on Starship Shield Performance might even constitute a small power drain on the sub-system if the de-buff places the skill bonus into the negative. So why does this change make the Beam Target Ability more viable? Particularly with the change to the Beam Target Shields, reducing any opponent’s ability to heal shields is useful regardless of what ship class you are flying.

Take for example an Escort, imagine if you will an Escort does a hit and run on a cruiser… but this time on the run the Escort uses one of his/her useless Ensign Tactical Bridge Officers and an aft beam array to target the enemy vessels shields; thereby on his/her next pass the enemy won’t be able to heal his/her shields quite as much or as well.