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06-04-2012, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by shelev
Why not just change the BTSS abilities straight debuffs?

Target shields, do slightly boosted damage to shields and reduce the targets shield resistences.
Target engines, reduce there speed and turn rate.
Target weapons, reduce there accuracy or rof, maybe abit of both.
Target aux, counters RSP, possibly a buff eating ability. Not really sure its abit of a toughy with how "multifaceted" aux is.

Have there effects last longer with higher AUX or something, to help reinforce there science slant.

Have there be a nice visible graphic for the debuffs, right now the BTSS skills don't show much unless you proc a full disable like "oops there went a shield facing" or something like that.
I'll reference how the attack patterns apply there little target reticule thing.
While even more simplified than what I came up with… isn’t what you’re saying exactly what I did? I mean, I re-worked the ability to apply specific strait forward de-buffs!

I totally agree! I really wish there were some AWESOME VFX results when using these abilities. For example: maybe have the engines electrify and spark when BTE is used, or the weapons spark from BTW or the lights on your ship dim or go out when auxiliary is hit or gaps show up in the Shield FX when the emitters are hit.