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# 274 Foundry Issues
06-04-2012, 11:33 AM
Hi Cryptic & forum,

First off, I absolutely love STO and the foundry. Thanks, Cryptic, for making this game such a great one.

Next, I wanted to point out a few things that are really making me bump my head when trying to design missions.

1. All available starship bridges have a master systems display for the ship they represent (except for the Galaxy "unity" bridge which shows an Akira class ship on the master systems display.)
  • In order to use a bridge for any ship, the master systems displays should be removed in the foundry.
  • We need more bridge interiors (with working doors) available in the foundry!
  • For the Galaxy class bridge in game, please remove the Akira master system display or replace with a Galaxy class display. (Has a bug been filed for this?)

2. There is a category for "Rings" but there is nothing in there. I was trying to make Saturn with its thick, multiple rings but there was no way to do so.

3. Corridors. Currently all Federation interior walls are steel-looking with eerie blue lighting. What about the luxurious look of the Galaxy class ship? We need more bulkhead options, corner pieces, rounded walls, curved computer console walls, and carpeted floors!

4. LCARS. All of the displays on the custom console parts are blue, and don't look very Trek. This is also a gripe of mine in game. It seems like a lot of the consoles are very industrial looking, and not very sleek. Can Cryptic put some LCARS displays into the foundry? I notice a few cropping up in the main game, like on the Odyssey and Beflast bridges... this is awesome!

5. The ship inside drydock bug - I tried the trigger method shown on Starbase UGC, but as soon as the drydock appears, the ship inside jumps above it. Maybe a quick fix could be that certain objects in game, like drydock, would have collision disabled.

6. Earth Spacedock - It's the old version. I wanted to make a mission that started with a ship launching ceremony at Earth, but I have to implement a lot of clever workarounds because the new ESD does not exist in the foundry, and also because of the drydock bug above.

Thanks for reading!! :-)