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06-04-2012, 02:11 PM
It was not my worst but my weird stf ISE.
We started fine. Nobody said "hi" but nowaday who say "hi"?
We went on the left. And suddenly everything becomes strange. one player shoot a node meanwhile the rest of pug is killing the cube. We had no time to kill the 3 other nodes. Spheres went out. We tried kill spheres. But I had to face those two klings can't give damage. every hit was minor than 100 points.
We tried 2 times and I was thinking to quit. Suddenly a fed tac went on the left to try killing the cube. At this moment I thought. 2 klings push us in the hell dance. But now this moron from fed faction is making sabotage. I cloaked. There was an engineer from Federation was upset and he quit. I did the same.