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06-04-2012, 04:01 PM
Originally Posted by playhard88
and if i take your ship off and let u floating in space just with bunch of stone to throw to the enemys, u won't kill nothing neither lol. Capitan skills and boff skills are the base of this game, don't compare with the p2w consoles skills, what u said have no sense at all.


As i said, this post is just you trying to justify the use of p2w consoles using the argument "because devs don't say is broken, then is working fine, don't u see the fail in your logic? Keep using them if u want, but don't try to convince others that they are ok, because they don't
And the consoles are NOT part of the game??? Your logic eludes me...

This is STO today. STO has universal consoles. It didn't before, but now it does. Don't try to pretend it's something it's not. Are they a good part of the game? Not all of them, but they are still part of it. Calling them gamebreaking can not be justified IMO, they're no IWIN button. Most of them are actually more of a wasted console slot... But you have to adapt to them, as to any boff ability.

These consoles upset the status quo, and the builds that were good before may be less good now, but we have also gotten a lot of new build opportunities. This is not the same STO as before the consoles, and while I find it different, I don't find it worse. (at least I wouldn't if they tweaked console balance a little)