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06-04-2012, 04:16 PM
Originally Posted by Iamid
It's very debatable that the danubes were nerfed. Now, you're chained.

Siphons, likewise were supposed to be adjusted by a change in mechanics. In theory there's a max amount a person can be drained that's above zero, and the lower the drain the greater the drain resistance. Also, skill changes were made that were supposed to mitigate this as well, but for some reason the resistance to NPCs is lower then the resistance to Boff abilities.
At max insulators, I still get all power levels set to to about 30 from siphons. Coupled with the speed at which they can be re-launched makes them completely OP. It's practically impossible to clear the spam unless you're running multiple FAW's. Basically there are so many and they spawn at such a high rate and they are such high priority targets that even WITH MAX INSULATORS it's not feasible to focus on the carrier.

I can't believe this hasn't been addressed yet.

Honestly, I barely queue FvK anymore because of those alone. I have no complaints really about any other klingon builds.

Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
Are you kidding? All it takes is a second tractor beam from the pets owner, or another nearby ship, or a danube that strayed away and flew back i nthe course of fighting and you're back to square one. And this is before we get to the chroniton and phaser procs somebody mentioned. And to a ship without APO and PH, they're actually even worse now.

Carriers in general are back to causing big balance issues. But the Danubes are offending on three counts.
I would argue that no competitive pvp player (or very few) in a cat carrier would run a tractor beam on a boff. Or anything that really needs you to point at your target so that argument is basically mute. Danubes are about where they need to be right now. You don't see them as the only pet people use anymore. Before it was 8x danubes all day, now you see 4+ another pet usually, which is what they should be in a balanced state.