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06-04-2012, 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by Rehpic
It is not a coincidence. It is evidence that people generally do not pay as close attention to their balances as they think they do.

We saw this a lot with the auction house. People would buy an expensive item and then log out for the night. Overnight one of their auctions would complete, automatically adding the sale price to their EC balance. The next day they log back in and see the email that their item had sold, but also see that they had less money than expected because they forgot they had bought the expensive item the night before. They would then submit a customer support ticket saying that they had not been paid for their auction item. I have investigated many of these support tickets since the launch of the game, and every one has turned out the same. The player got paid and just didn't remember what their balance was.

This is one reason why the Dilithium exchange requires you to explicitly withdraw your currency before it gets added to your normal balance and is available to spend. Having the extra manual step of claiming the money makes it a lot easier to remember than having the money just magically show up in your balance.
Wouldn't an email fired off to the player, kinda-sorta solve this problem?