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Originally Posted by danqueller
"Dateline: Sol System, Spacedock departure lane 715A

"Today marks a sad day in the chronicles of Starfleet's Corps of Engineers as the maiden voyage of Starfleet's most ambitious and contentious starship to date ended unexpectedly. At 0942 local Stardate, the U.S.S. Invincible, the first in a new class of hybrid superbattleship carriers, left its orbital dockyard gantries to conduct a proving flight across the star system. At 1005 local Stardate, the ship suffered a series of cascade failures in its systems that resulted in catastrophic loss of hull integrity.


"For the Federation News Network, this is Blix'xir Norgal. Back to you, Steve!"
Lies! Lies! It is all lies. Blix'xir Norgal is a pawn of the powers that be. They don't want you to know the truth.

The truth is that plans for the Invincible were leaked in an effort to lay a trap. The gambit worked in that the leads gained by doing this did lead to the discovery of the enemy base, but unfortunately, a here-to-fore unknown vulnerability was found, allowing a small, one-manned fighter to launch a torpedo down an exhaust port, destroying the reactor, and creating an explosion that vaporized the Invincible. All hands were lost save a single high-level official who was valiantly fighting the enemy himself in a fighter. He was saved only because he lost temporary control of his fighter due to a collision, sending him safely outside the blast area.

This led Starfleet's Corp of Engineers to two inescapable conclusions. First, don't invest everything in one really big ship. If it can be built, it can always be destroyed. Second, when laying a trap by leaking plans to important military equipment, don't give them the real plans.