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06-04-2012, 08:45 PM
Self destruct was useful in PvE at advanced difficulty in the very early F2P days at low level missions.

On a few of the Romulan missions we were having difficulty with Romulans, especially the D'Deridex Warbird which on higher difficulties had shields impossible to bring down with Commander level weaponry. Since we were playing on a team the number of enemies on screen at once was quite large.

Suddenly, someone abandoned ship near it and wow! 15k damage! Never seen that before.

However, as the levels go up enemy hitpoints become huge, warp core breaches don't do any much more damage than they did at the lower player levels, thus are a bit useless.

Though I did hear last month that if you set full auxiliary power before abandoning ship, you do much more damage.

I also suicide rammed an Assimilated Raptor last night when the PUGs left a hole in the defence line, and did little effective damage.

And to the OP - who said a Dreadnaught can't ram? You just have to find something slower to run into... like an Assimilated Negh'Var. Or a Borg Cube