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06-04-2012, 07:51 PM
Originally Posted by kidkaboom10000 View Post
The problem is the ody is better at the g-rs job and its true some ships are just forgotten because bigger better ships are out there and even if you think ody isnt better the galaxy x is about to get suacer sep

The Odyssey is better at giving Galaxy captains a T5 version of their ship for less than the cost of a Galaxy-X? I don't think that's true, and that really is what the Gal-R is there to do.

In addition, while it was true that the Galaxy-X was going to get saucer seperation as part of the Galaxy pack, that pack is no longer scheduled for release, so I wouldn't count on seeing it anytime soon (if I remember correctly, saucer sep on the Gal-X was what sunk the project, so it may not even make it into the game when/if they decide to release the pack).

Also, I recommend you cut back on your daily're talking way too fast