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# 1 Isometric Charge
06-04-2012, 10:05 PM
This is pretty broken:

deals 57727 (84748) Electrical Damage(Critical) to you with Isometric Charge.

6 Starship Hull Plating, 6 Starship Armor Reinforcements

Seriously, that with the ludicrous burst coming out of the PSW bops anyways needs to get addressed. We're talking 130,000+ burst potential with 2 buttons that is usually accompanied by a 5 second stun (time to toss in a tricobalt to make it 150?), one of which is a console.

Here's an idea (I'm sure this will get flamed by klingons but who cares): how about we put AMS and Isometric Charge in the next boxes?.. I'll buy that..

Since you guys complain about AMS so much and all...