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06-04-2012, 11:19 PM
Originally Posted by kidkaboom10000 View Post
The problem is the ody is better at the g-rs job and its true some ships are just forgotten because bigger better ships are out there and even if you think ody isnt better the galaxy x is about to get suacer sep
(emphasis mine)

While it does miss the point of the thread, I think there is some truth to this.
Which is why I would like to see that eng ensign slot become universal.
It still won't have the versatility of the Ody, but would be able to do anything a Star Cruiser or an Assault Cruiser can, but on a whim, instead of needing to switch ships. At that point, one could choose the Gal-R, simply because they like it, and still be every bit as competitive. I would've bought it for looks. Heck, I did!
For 1600 points (or 600 day vet), I don't think that's too much to ask. Some may even argue, that it's not enough. lol

On a different note, I think carmenara making a thread like this is awesome.
Sure, a Sovvy, Star Cruiser or Ody may be capable of better builds... I think that's entirely irrelevant.
Threads like this inspire experimentation and creativity. In this case, motivated by the love of the Galaxy class. It encourages people to go ahead and try that ship they like, but were discouraged from using.

While I've more or less ended my experiments with the Gal-R, it was a lot of fun trying out different builds.
Even came up with a loadout where the damage potential kinda surprised me. (combined it with an ody to expand on the idea, for further experimentation, heh)
With ALL that said, I applaud threads like these, and the authors who put themselves out there with the unorthodox.