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06-05-2012, 02:26 AM
Originally Posted by thechromeknight View Post
On the topic of FAW...
I've always found it underwhelming, until my last visit to PvP.
Where the entire opposing team merely circled and all spammed it continuously.
That much of it tickled about as much as a jackhammer tickles concrete
But, on it's own, yeah. It barely scratches the paint.

BO2 is great if you time it to hit JUST before the torps do.
"Sir, shields are holdi... ah, crap." *BOOM*
Good point. My first Assault Cruiser (Sovereign) builds had BFAW just to mimic it's appearance in Nemesis. However using BFAW on the attack is a bit ineffective in a target rich environment such as Infected Elite because it seems most of the beams are hitting things I don't want to hit. Overloads are easier to control and do a lot of damage if buffed correctly.

BFAW however may be good for KDF vs Fed PvP as I've seen several instances where the entire Klingon team is fielding carriers en masse. In that case not bringing a BFAW ship is suicide!

Against single targets BFAW may also be very powerful as all the beams are hitting the same target, or at least I've used it on Escorts where the secondary weapon is one single DBB so I can FAW it in its restricted arc for maximum penguin mayhem.