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06-05-2012, 07:23 AM
I had a KASE run the other night where a guy in an Atrox carrier (like I was) would go around and pop off all the Borg cubes, and then run off to the other side, where he'd do the same. When we told him to stick out in the fights to kill the cubes he was popping off, all we got back was the German equivalent of "it's your problem now" (Thank you Rosetta Stone ), so with two of us killing probes, and avoiding Cubes, and two killing 4 cubes, needless to say we missed the Optional by a wide margin. Where was Number 5 you ask, Mr, Pop a cube off and run? he was 50 K's off the battle hanging out. When we did manage to get to Donatra, he came in closer, but only so close as to make his fighters useful. And of course he needed everything.

Originally Posted by startrek1wars
I PUGed ISE. Said "Hello," as usual (I have a keybind for this) and someone said "Howdy"
I wonder is that was me, that's how I usually respond :p